Kos Island

Kos offers a wide variety of options to satisfy all tastes. Have as much fun as you can, showing respect to the island and its people by helping keep it clean.

The city of Kos

The city of Kos is full of trees and has a very good road network. It is full of palmtrees and it has got a good town planning. Archaeological sights are found all over the city. It is ideal for walks and cycling. Kos is considered to be the island of cycling, because of its morphology. One can also enjoy a ride in the city by a small train, which makes the tour of the city centre. Another small train is at your disposal, taking you to the archaeological sight of Asklepion. Kos has also a very well organised Marina, one of the best in the Mediterranean, with the capacity of providing supplies and service for all kinds of ships. Rent a sailboat or a yacht and begin your rushing out to the sea and the Greek islands.

Cultural Events

Every summer, especially in July and August, many cultural events take place in all the Municipalities of the island. The major and oldest event is the Hippocratia of the Municipality of Kos, which is a multicultural event that includes theatrical plays, concerts, art and photography exhibitions, as well as visits of famous artists.

Kos Villages

One will easily find crowded beaches, picturesque villages and natural harbors. You can explore the island with organised groups, with the long distance buses by rented car or motorbike or even by bicycle. So, let's begin exploring the island and its villages!

First, we reach Asfendiou and Tigaki, then Pyli, Marmari, Antimachia, Mastichari, Kardamena, and last but not least, Kefalos, the last village of the island.

The Asklepion
The "Venetian" Castle of the Knights of Saint John's
The Hippocrates tree
The Temple of Gazi Hasan or "Lotzia"
Ancient Market