Sports Activities

Running Race

For participants in a sporting spirit a race of 15klm to the “Empros Therma”. The participants could have at their disposal T-Shirts with numbers, during the race mineral water for stands along the route, and an ambulance …just in case.

Every winner needs a prize!! For our winners special prizes and cups to remember their participle and their win!!!

Football Game

The most famous sport for men! The group could play football against a local team or they could devisee in two teams and play against each other and to set up prizes.

Trekking and walking tours

We can organize a variety of walking and trekking tours, in the whole island of Kos, some of which are:

Asklepion - Zia

The tour starts from the hotels and by busses to the Asklepion, the ancient temple dedicated to the God of health, Asklepios. The Asklepion of Kos was the best and the most important  “Asklepion” of the Antiquity. Situated 4km from the city center on a hill surrounded by a forest with cypress trees and divided into three levels each totally different from the other, with a magnificent view to the golf of Kerameikos and the Middle East coasts. The tour around Asklepion and the “trip” in the World of Hippocrates takes about one hour and there then follows the 12klm trekking, through the pine forest, up to the Mountain Dikeos and the traditional village of Zia, with the magnificent view to the valley of Kos, the Aegean Sea and the coasts of Middle East.

After a coffee brake, we return back to the hotels by bus.

Trekking up to Dikeos

The tour starts from the hotels and by bus to the village Zia. From here on starts the trekking through the forest and the mountains paths up to the church of Christos and then back to Zia. This tour takes about four hours. After the coffee brake, we return back to the hotels by bus.

Paleo Pyli

From the hotels by bus to the village Konario and from here on starts the trekking tour. The first visit is at the paleochristian church St Basil. Passing from Pigi we could see the ruins of the Venetian Period. We walk from the church of St. Basil to the village Lagoudi and there then to the village Amaniou, a part of Pyli. The village Paleo Pyli abandoned from its inhabitants in 1830 due to an epidemic of cholera. The name comes from the word “ Peli”, and here are the ruins of the Byzantine castle and Moni Theotokou, dedicated to Virgin Mary. From here then back to Amaniou and by bus, back to the hotels.

Bike race

We will divide the group in smaller groups of 50 persons, who will depart from the hotel every 15 minutes with direction to Tigaki area, which is about 14 Km. away. At Tigaki they will have time to swim, sunbathe and have lunch, before making their way back to the hotel.
Please note that the beaches in Tigaki area are very nice, sandy and appropriate for other activities such as beach volleyball.